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Our members are our most important asset. With a force of over 40 volunteer professionals, the Clarendon Fire Department is a well-equipped, well-trained entity that can handle any emergency that may threaten our area and its citizens. Below is a list of those who currently serve to protect our community.

Line Officers

Andy Jones
Mark Wilson
FP Captain
Brian Dunn
Assistant Chief
Larry Gregerson
Kyle Walker
Second Asst. Chief
Heather Leichtenberger
Terry Gregerson
Dick Wilson

Executive Committee

Paul Pascuzzi
Terry Hurlbutt
Bill Gardner
Vice President
Terry Hurlbutt
Arlene Barnett
Floyd Atkins Jr.
Kay Jones
Asst. Secretary/Treasurer

Membership Roster

Cody Anderson (prob) Brian Dunn Joyce Kay Mark Wilson
Floyd Atkins Jr. Al Fox Amy Leichtenberger
Bonnie Atkins Geri Fox Heather Leichtenberger
Arlene Barnett Bill Gardner Nick Pascuzzi
Ron Bailey Larry Gregerson Paul Pascuzzi
Ben Beane Matt Gregerson Brett Retterer
Ruth Beane Terry Gregerson Brian Retterer
Don Burgeson Krish Fox Havle Rusty Slack
Nancy Burton John Hollingshead Dale Smith
Roy Burton Marge Hurlbutt Troy Steuart (junior)
Eric Cederquist Terry Hurlbutt Nate Tucker
Beth Christensen Andy Jones Tracy Tucker
Jay Christensen Bob Jones Kyle Walker
Nate Christensen (Junior) Bob Kay Dick Wilson

In Memorium

We honor the memory of all those who had served with the Clarendon Fire Department and have passed on.

We are currently researching and building a separate Memorial Honor Roll page.