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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Brian Dunn

For our first edition of Member Spotlight, we are featuring Brian Dunn; a member who has pure passion about being a volunteer firefighter with the Clarendon Fire Department.

Brian joined the Department in 2000 at age 18. "I was still in high school when I joined," explains Brian. "Not many people my age were joining at the time, but I knew a lot of guys at the station and they made me feel very welcome." Like a lot of kids, he had always wanted to be a firefighter. "When I was little I wanted to grow up and be a fireman. I used to get excited when the siren blew, and I would go to the window and wait to see if the trucks would go by. I kind of grew out of it a bit when I got older, but then one day I started thinking about it again and thought 'that's what I want to do, I want to be a fireman."

And he got to do just that. 14 years later, Brian is a captain in the Department with a wealth of experience under his belt. What keeps him doing it is a combination of the excitement, uncertainty, and importance. "I don't get as crazy-excited as I did when I first joined, but the excitement of the calls is still there for me. Like when we get called for a fire, it's exciting to be on the truck with the sirens going, gearing up, and not knowing what you're getting into. But I also do it because it helps people, and I really enjoy being able to help people out."

When asked about his most memorable moment, he has too many to choose from. "There's been some crazy fires and calls, but some of my favorite moments are riding on the old trucks we used to have. Old Engine 3 and Engine 1 -- they had open-air cabs, so when you'd ride to a fire, you'd hear the sirens real loud and the engine roaring. We don't have trucks like that anymore, but I'm glad i got the chance to ride in them."

Brian is excited for future of the department. "There have been some ups and downs, but the Department seems to get better every year since I've joined. It's cool to see some of the new trucks and equipment we got over the years. Plus we have a couple new people starting and it's good that there are still people interested in volunteering. I hope we get more."