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Current Apparatus

From wooden hose carts to modern day engines, the Clarendon Fire Department's apparatus has evolved over the past 130 years to include some of the finest pieces of firefighting, EMS, and rescue equipment. Below is our current fleet of vehicles that help protect our community.


Tanker 1 (T-751)
2004 KME Pumper/Tanker

Specs: 2000 Gal tank, 1500 GPM pump, 7-man cab

Tanker 1 was purchased in 2004 with a DHS grant and public donations. The goal was to provide the area with a piece of equipment that could supply a large amount of water to a rural fire scene. With 2,000 gallons on board, this pumper/tanker fits the bill.


Rescue 1 (R-751)
1991 Ford Super Duty (E-One Rescue/Mini Pumper)

Specs: 200 Gal Tank, 250 GPM pump, 20 Gal foam, 4-man cab

R-1 was the first vehicle purchased by the Department for carrying vehicle rescue equipment. On board is a vast array of rescue tools including the hydraulic Amkus rescue system (cutters, spreaders, and ram), airbags, spotlights, and saws. It's 200 gallon tank and foam capabilities make it ideal for small vehicle fires.  


Engine 2 (E-752)
1981 American LaFrance Pumper

Specs: 1000 Gal tank, 1250 GPM pump, 7-man cab

After her FDNY career, Engine 2 was obtained and refurbished by J.C. Moore in Fredonia, PA. She came into CFD service in 1994 and is a proven to be workhorse engine at countless fires.


Engine 3 (E-753)
2010 Kenworth/Fouts Bros. Pumper

Specs: 1000 Gal tank, 1250 GPM pump, 5-man cab

Engine 3 was purchased in 2010 to replace an aging 1976 American LaFrance. It now serves as the Department's first-due engine to all fires.


M-5 (755)
2005 Ford/Horton Ambulance

M-5 was purchased in 2005 to replace the Department's two aging ambulances. This ambulance carries the latest in emergency medical equipment and features the innovative Stryker Power-LOAD™ system that quickly and safely loads a patient automatically.


Utility 756
2000 Chevy Pickup/Brush Truck

Specs: 200 Gal Tank, 5-man cab

Acquired from the U.S. Forest Service, U-756 serves as the Department's brush truck, capable of transporting a 5-man wildfire strike team plus wildfire equipment and 200 gallons of water.