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Become a Member

The Clarendon Fire Department is currently seeking energetic and courageous new volunteers, 18 years and older, to join our ranks. Individuals interested in firefighting, EMS, fire police, rescue, and social/support roles are welcomed to fill out an application or talk to us with questions about joining. You'll find that volunteering is a valuable and rewarding experience.  

How to Join

We are currently working on an easy-to-use, digital membership application. If you'd like to apply in the meantime, please send us an email at We would be happy to send you an application!

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you might have some questions before volunteering, so this section was created to help provide some answers and better inform your decision.

How much training will I need?
The amount of training depends on how involved you wish to be. Like any new job, each specialization in the department requires a certain amount of training. For example, becoming a firefighter requires over 100 hours of training, becoming an EMT requires 200 hours of training, etc. 

Do I have to take some kind of physical fitness test to join?
Though we do highly encourage physical health and wellness, no physical fitness test is required to join the department. If you're concerned about your health or have had prior illness or injury, we do recommend that you seek clearance from your doctor as the tasks of an emergency responder can be physically demanding at times.

Are there set schedules or "on call" types of situations?
Involvement is at-will and there are no on-call schedules. 

Isn't it dangerous?
The duties of an emergency responder can be, in fact, hazardous. The Department has a "safety first" approach to all incidents to ensure the well being of our members.

I want to be involved with the department, but I'm not so sure about responding to emergencies. Is there some way I can still help?
Of course! The department can still use your help as a social member. Social members help the department in running community events, fund raising drives, and station maintenance. 

Can I talk to someone before I submit my application?
Absolutely! Email us at to set up a call, or stop by our station on Tuesday evening during our weekly drill and maintenance nights. We would be happy to talk to you and show you around!